At Eastern Forge we are committed to producing works of high quality craftsmanship in metals. We use a mixture of hot forging techniques and modern fabrication processes that are driven by considered and appropriate design. Each piece is handmade to order from our forge in Byron Bay which is owned and operated by Liv & Woody, a partnership that started at art college in 2009.

From an early age Woody was surrounded by the family metalworking business in Melbourne, this sparked an enthusiasm in design and making. Keen to develop as a craftsman with greater challenges he embarked on an overseas trip to the Europe, working in the world heritage city of Bath alongside heritage ironworkers and blacksmiths. Whilst in England he completed an Arts degree in Artist Blacksmithing at Hereford College of Arts. The course was a big influence on his designer maker development and opened many doors which helped further his critical understanding of the design principles applied to contemporary craft

Woody has travelled, worked and studied in Scotland, England, Sweden, France, Italy, South Africa and the Ukraine as a journeyman; working alongside master craftsmen, designers and artists. It was on these internships that he accomplished a technical proficiency in forged metals that has seen him collaborate on prestigious public art projects and high end architectural ironwork.

Liv has a background in product design, with a particular emphasis on the role craftsmanship plays. She studied 3D design at London’s Camberwell College of Arts, Leeds college of Arts and Gothenburg’s HDK School of Design and Crafts.

Studying and working in Europe’s design capital, Liv was able to experience and be influenced by London’s diverse culture of innovative design. Her passion and strengths lie in the design development and 3d sampling stage of commissions. Liv has a particular interest in historical architectural metalwork and their context in Australia today. She is a budding blacksmith who loves to forge scrolls.

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