Enso Gate Texture

The rings on these gates have been heavily textured on the power hammer using a top tool. The brief from our clients was to provide a contrast between the hammered section and the smooth surface of the steel.
The finish is an acid etch applied to a hot dip galvanised surface.

Brass Plating

These Bamboo door pulls were originally made from mild steel; a material that is easily malleable when hot. Using mild steel we can create complex forms that can be brass plated to highlight decorative details.
Sourcing brass and bronze in Australia that can be forged is very difficult, so as an alternative a brass plated finish can achieve a warmth to delicate interior products that steel can’t.

Garden Structures

Creating a space for garden structures can give a point of focus for social occasions, weddings, private retreat or interaction with the garden.
Designing a landscape around metal pergolas, gazebos, arches, furniture or braziers allow thin profiled steel to be used without losing any structural integrity, complementing a delicate garden setting. The pictured garden pergola was designed and made by Artist Ambrose Burne.

Kamala Signage

We recently had this house signage laser cut from our suppliers up in Murwillumbah from 8mm mild steel.
Using an Edwardian script it was cut and finished using a cadmium plating process to prevent it from rusting. After plating a coat of primer was applied followed by two coats of a matt black paint. Using this process we can achieve highly decorative motifs cost effectively.