Situated in Byron Bay’s hinterland, the forge utilises a mixture of traditional and contemporary techniques to realise art and design concepts in metals. The forge is the blacksmiths workshop where the working of metals take place.

Today, the use of 75-year-old machinery and tooling sit alongside new advancements in metalworking; this meeting of two separate crafts allows the blacksmith to explore new and exciting ways of working in metals. The majority of tools and processes in blacksmithing remain the same, yet have progressed to incorporate contemporary design aesthetics and creative freedom. The fundamentals of blacksmithing revolves around the moving and manipulation of hot metals, the blacksmith uses various methods of heating the material to a pliable state, as the material heats up it can be shaped using various tooling and machinery. When the material cools it retains its tensile qualities for excellent structural and stress applications.

In the last 30 years there has been a growing international resurgence in blacksmithing. What once was a static trade comfortable in reproducing traditional styles, the emergence of the ‘Artist Blacksmith’ in the UK and USA challenged the norms and pushed creative boundaries in forged metals. Today, this renaissance in blacksmithing continues to promote, explore and question the role a blacksmith can play in a contemporary context.

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